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Best places for three-generational holidays

Features 8th July 2019

Bringing the grandparents on holidays with you is great for making lasting memories for the entire family. Here are some great examples of holidays that are suitable for all the family.  Ski holidays  I know it mightn’t seem like it but ski holidays are actually a great choice when travelling with grandparents. In ski resorts, there’s so much on offer for everyone of…

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The practical holiday checklist  

Features 3rd June 2019

We all know planning a holiday with kids can be hectic enough, with packing being one of the most stressful aspects. Amidst the stresses, it can be easy to overlook or forget some of the most important aspects preparing for your holiday. Here are some of the practical priorities of preparing for your next family holiday.  Passport  When travelling abroad everyone going…

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Travel sickness emergency kit  

Features 29th March 2019

There is no faster way to put a dampener on the holiday experience than travel sickness. Ensure funny tummies and sore heads are kept at bay with these tips for preventing travel sickness.   What causes travel sickness?  It’s essentially motion sickness. It occurs when the movement your taking in visually contradicts with the movement your body is actually feeling. This can…

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Travelling as a solo parent

Features 13th March 2019

Travelling as a lone supervisor of your kids is a daunting thought, but there are simple tips and tricks which can make the entire experience easier for everyone. Here is our advice for ensuring happy travels during your trip as a solo parent.    Do your research Look into specific holiday resorts or packages which are specifically catered to solo parents. This will…

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Things to do in Cavan

Staycation Things to do 27th February 2019

Photo Credit – Shutterstock By Ann Cronin    Aquatic adventures  Cavan’s loughs and rivers are well worth exploring during your stay, and there are a variety of options available. Belturbet Day Boat Hire are a company which allows you and your family to rent a boat for sight-seeing, fishing or just exploring the River Erne. Cavan Canoe Centre offer guided canoeing, kayaking and other boat…

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Tips for travelling while pregnant

Features 20th February 2019

By Michelle Mayefske Many expectant families like to take a trip or “babymoon” before their little one arrives.  While travel during pregnancy is different, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be difficult!  These simple planning tips will help you easily prioritise your comfort and health without compromising your experience! When to travel It is generally safe to travel during…

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