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Experience the Magic of Christmas in Lapland with Sunway

Santa 23rd September 2019

Lapland – One Night / Two Days This magical, one-day whirlwind will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. You’ll meet Santa’s elves at the airport, travel around Lapland and meet Santa privately. Snowmobile, husky rides and reindeer safaris ensure an adventure like you’ve never experienced before. Learn how to do gingerbread decorating the way Santa’s family do. Other…

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10 Different Santa Experiences in Ireland

| Santa 29th August 2019

It’s Santa Experience planning time. Who wants to meet the big man in Ireland. Let your kids pet reindeers and experience train rides while you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or join them on this winter adventure across the country to meet the man in the red suit. Ruddy red cheeks, polished black boots, white beard – your little fellows will be thrilled to meet Santa. Although there are…

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