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Ballyhoura Country – The Crossroads of Munster

City Breaks Features 9th June 2021

With a wide-open landscape of hiking and bike trails, significant heritage sites, thrilling outdoor activities, organic gastronomic delights and rustic accommodation, Ballyhoura Country is once again, open for business. Prepare to stumble upon new, undiscovered places and experience unexpected moments of novelty! Situated on the borders of counties Limerick, Cork and Tipperary, Ballyhoura Country is an area of undulating green…

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April’s weekly round up

Features 14th February 2021

Holiday News Well the week started off with lots of positive sentiments regarding the possibility of overseas travel by the end of 2021 and ended with messages from our leaders that hearing the words “please put your own oxygen mask on first” won’t be possible until 2022 now. Look to be fair the message changes every few days so I…

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Eurocamp’s Most Popular Sites

Features Sun Worldwide 15th January 2021

 By April Drew   We asked and you answered. We polled over 3,000 of you to ask you what your favourite Eurocamp sites are in Europe. Below are the most popular selections. We’ve included the parc name, the location and the Eurocamp code. To search further please visit We’ve also added in the nearest town (so you can see if it’s within walking distance) and the nearest airports.  …

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What to do this Halloween

Features Staycation 17th September 2020

By Elaine Whelan  The spookiest time of year is just around the corner! Sadly however, Halloween will be a little different this year due to the current restrictions. Our old traditions of trick or treating or costume parties might not be on the cards but there’s still plenty your family can do to celebrate Halloween safely.  Lego Halloween Camp, Various…

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The Best Apps For Kids

Features 27th July 2020

By Elaine Whelan  Road trips and travelling sounds exciting to your kids until they’ve been sitting in the back seat for three hours and are downright bored. That’s when the fighting or screaming kicks in (if it hasn’t already). For kids who love movies or playing games on your phone, it can be hard for them to understand that they…

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