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Kids go free in Kennedy Space Center in September

Features Theme Parks Worldwide 31st August 2022

Kids Ages 3 – 11 Can Explore Space for FREE this September at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex During ‘Future Voyagers Month’ A new mission to inspire the next generation of space explorers will launch this September at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  During the entire month, FREE, one-day admission to kids ages 3 – 11  will be offered with a…

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Travel Must Haves for Kids

Features 28th July 2022

Snacks Have a bag of your child’s favourite snacks in tow to prevent any cravings or crankiness while travelling. Try not to bring food high in sugar to avoid energy jumps or crashes mid- journey, and steer clear of messy foods like yoghurt to avoid spills. We recommend storing snacks in a zip-lockbag to keep everything fresh and contained for…

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Travel Packing Tips

Features Worldwide 12th May 2022

Travelling can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Read these travel packing tips before your next holiday, and you’ll have your bags packed, tickets in hand, and arrive at your destination ready to explore the world! TIP 1: Remember your essentials Whether traveling for business or pleasure, don’t forget your essentials. Everyone will have their very own essential…

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Travel must haves for Kids

Features 5th May 2022

Image by Shutterstock When travelling with kids, there are different items that can make the entire process that bit easier for both you and your children. Whether it’s a car journey or a long-haul flight, we’ve broken down some of the essentials for travelling with children so you can be prepared. Snacks Have a bag of your child’s favourite snacks…

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Travel Sickness emergency kit

Features 22nd April 2022

Image by Shutterstock There is no faster way to put a dampener on the holiday experience than travel sickness. Ensure funny tummies and sore heads are kept at bay with these tips for preventing travel sickness. WHAT CAUSES TRAVEL SICKNESS? It’s essentially motion sickness. It occurs when the movement you are taking in visually contradicts the movement your body is…

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