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Coronavirus Covid-19 Mythbuster

Features 10th March 2020 We have been bombarded with information over the past weeks about the new coronavirus Covid-19, which was first recognised in December 2019 in China and now has been reported in over 60 countries throughout the world – and likely to infect many more in the days ahead.Many of the more sensible commentators have outlined that the risk of contracting Covid-19 is small and,…

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How to Entertain Kids on Long Haul Flights

Features Longhaul 6th March 2020

Flying with kids overseas usually includes multiple meltdowns, screaming, and peevishness. Don’t worry, we will help the family arrive at a dream destination in one piece, all frazzled. Here’s what you should bring with you for a long haul flight.  Play role games  If your little ones are scared of flying, try to turn the whole flight into a game. Kids like playing a pilot or flight attendants.…

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Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Features 29th January 2020

Traveling with teens and tweens is often all about attitudes and eye-rolling. Yet, if you manage to persuade them to come along and keep them excited and engaged, your lovelies will give in. Here’s how to make some of the most memorable family moments with teens on board.  Involve your teens in the planning process  When you give your kids…

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Travelling with babies

Features 14th July 2019

Preparing for a family holiday with your baby? Travelling with an infant can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time doing so. Don’t stress about it though; we’ve put together some of our best tips for a successful holiday with your little one.   Do your research   When choosing a destination for a holiday with a baby,…

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