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Travel Must Haves for Kids

Travel Must Haves for Kids


Have a bag of your child’s favourite snacks in tow to prevent any cravings or crankiness while travelling. Try not to bring food high in sugar to avoid energy jumps or crashes mid- journey, and steer clear of messy foods like yoghurt to avoid spills. We recommend storing snacks in a zip-lock
bag to keep everything fresh and contained for the duration of your travels. If travelling
with an infant, ensure you pack enough food and formula to last the duration of the journey, with a little extra in case of delays.

Hygiene needs

Ensure you’ve a supply of essentials to keep any messes at bay.
An easily forgotten gem, wet wipes have infinite uses and are especially convenient while travelling. They can clean spills or stains in a pinch, clean food remnants from mouths and hands and for sanitizing arm-rests and fold-out trays on public transport. Baby bibs and towels should also be brought in hand held luggage if you’re planning on feeding little ones while on the move.

Extra layers

Temperatures can fluctuate significantly on transport like planes, trains and buses, so layering up is always a wise move. Layers can easily be removed if it gets too warm and added
to as temperatures drop. Be sure to have a blanket packed too if it’s a particularly long trip and you feel your child may need to nap along the way
Home comforts

Nothing says comfort like a child’s favourite toy and it’s so important they have a personal treasure or two with them while travelling. A doll or stuffed animals’ presence will provide reassurance if, for example, it is their first time on an airplane, while items like their favourite blankets will help with relaxation and drifting off during long journeys.

Electronic entertainment

The longer the journey, the more variety in entertainment you’ll need to keep your kids happy. Ensure each child has their own electronic device and charger packed, as well as earphones. Pre- download their favourite movies to a tablet or phone to ensure entertainment isn’t in short supply, or have their top albums stored on a music-playing device. Handheld game consoles like a Nintento will also help pass the time.

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