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City Breaks

Kids in Copenhagen

City Breaks 10th June 2020

By Elaine Whelan  The capital of Denmark and one of the largest cities in Scandinavia, Copenhagen is a perfect destination for a family city break. Home of Lego, Danish pastries, hot dogs and royalty, Denmark is a kaleidoscope of culture, cuisine and history with the modern day quirkiness that Scandinavia is renowned for. After visiting Copenhagen myself, I learned that this city is a…

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London’s calling!

City Breaks 17th December 2019

London is a playground for kids of all ages. There are copious amounts of activities to do, places to visit, and sites to see, regardless of your little people’s ages. John and I took the kids (Colum, (9), Sadie (7) and Arden (3) to London for four days early December 2019. We try to go away at Christmas time each…

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A family holiday in Marrakesh

City Breaks 29th October 2019

We are not overreacting when we say human senses truly go nuts in one of the most loved cities in North Africa – Marrakesh. The amazing food scene, bustling souks, and almost endless sun-soaked days will welcome you and your little ones in the honeycomb of narrow streets. Tried and tested, Marrakesh has a myriad of ways to keep the…

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Escape to Edinburgh

City Breaks 14th July 2019

Scotland’s capital is a unique hybrid of olden charm and urban excitement, making it the ideal spot for a family city break. We’ve compiled some of the best things to see and do during a family getaway in Edinburgh.   Edinburgh Castle   Possibly the Scottish capital’s most acclaimed attractions, it is essential to visit Edinburgh Castle during your stay. With tours…

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Bring the family to Barcelona

City Breaks 11th June 2019

 While it may not be the capital, Barcelona is certainly Spain’s prime location for tourists. Family fun is a guarantee in this bustling city, and there is no shortage of things to see, do and enjoy for every age group.   Zoo de Barcelona and Ciutadella Park  Jammed with exotic and exciting species, kids will love the city’s iconic zoo. Giraffe, elephants, lions…

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New York, New York

City Breaks 29th March 2019

While it may seem daunting to think of bringing your children to the Big Apple, think about the experience through their eyes. The bright lights, wailing sirens, towering buildings, and sheer variety of things to see and do will make a lasting impression on your kids. We’ve put together some of our favourite activities for you and your kids to…

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Take the family to Vienna

City Breaks 13th March 2019

Fancy a city break in the breath-taking Vienna? All of Austria has its own unique appeal, but the capital of Vienna is in a league of its own. Here are our recommendations for activities and amenities to avail of in Vienna for each and every age group.   Toddlers and children under four    Zoom Children’s Museum has exhibitions, activities and zones catering…

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Take the family to London

City Breaks 27th February 2019

London is a city jammed with character, vibrancy and endless entertainment no matter how old or young you are. If the thought of navigating your army of little ones around this vast concrete jungle worries you a bit, fear not as we have adapted a list of all our top hot-spots to visit during a family break away to the English capital.  …

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