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Düsseldorf will charm the kids

Düsseldorf will charm the kids

Düsseldorf on the Rhine is widely known as a business city, but of course the cosmopolitan metropolis on the Rhine also offers plenty of variety for families with children.

The best way to get a first impression of Düsseldorf’s old town with its historic buildings dating back to the 12th century is to take a short city rally through Düsseldorf. The tour lasts just under two hours and, with ten questions, takes you through the most interesting parts of Düsseldorf’s old town and along the Rhine.

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From the old town, you can reach the Rhine terraces with a view of the Rhine in just a few minutes. Feel like a captain is the order of the day. During a one-hour panoramic trip by ship on the Rhine, you can let the wind blow around your ears on deck and discover the next point of interest: the Rhine Tower.

The highest building in Düsseldorf is not only the TV tower, but also has a viewing platform at 168 meters, which offers great views of Düsseldorf at any time of day.

When it comes to hunger and thirst, you will always find what you are looking for in Düsseldorf. At the latest with the typical curry sausage with fries or vegetarian/vegan burgers, every child will be full. Another tip: the Carlsplatz. This open-air marketplace offers a variety of food at more than 60 stalls that will also delight children. Whether it’s potato pancakes or soups, snacks and sweets – it’s a great place to stroll and grab your favourite food whenever it’s within reach.

There is room to relax or play soccer even in Düsseldorf’s city centre: on almost every corner there are spacious parks, water and meadow areas where you can choose to rest or tire yourself out.

You can play princess or prince south of Düsseldorf’s old town. Benrath Palace is considered one of the most beautiful rococo palaces in Germany and impresses parents not only with its original preserved splendor: one walks or better slides through the palace with felt slippers, for children always a fun way of cultural program.

And if it has to be a little “hip”: Düsseldorf also has a lot to offer for those who prefer to keep busy with their cell phones: hip Instagram hotspots with unusual motifs (Jenna has great tips here And in Düsseldorf’s “Instagram museum,” Cali Dreams, you can set the scene in numerous equipped rooms and backdrops.

And of course, as Germany’s fashion capital, Düsseldorf also offers “shop till you drop,” with plenty of department stores and boutiques for even the smallest of teenage budgets.

You can also combine a trip Düsseldorf with a theme park holiday. The city isn’t too far from a number of theme parks but we would recommend a visit to Phantasialand (1 hour) or Movie Park (44 minutes).

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