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Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas Markets in Europe

The perfect holiday setting – cinnamon spice, chestnuts, sweet aroma of mulled wine, gingerbread, nostalgic jingles echoing all over the place, stalls full of decorations and candies – what does this all remind you of? European Christmas markets, of course! Europe surely knows how to open up the festive season (big time). Draw into the magic atmosphere of embellished and sparkling lights of the upcoming Christmas.

Vienna, Austria

From 15th November to 26th December 2019, the already stunning Rathausplatz in Vienna is going to transform into a shining fairytale land. Each year, millions of people visit the famous home of Strauss and Haydn to enjoy themselves in roasted chestnuts, cream-filled pastries, and Wihnachtspunsch (spicy punch). Shoppers are here for glass and crystal ornaments, wooden toys, and beeswax candles. You just have to see the traditional Wiener Christkindl here, after which you can take a walk to Spittelberg district as well as Shonrbun palace, one more luxe and the other more intimate, sophisticated market.

Strasbourg, France

For 444 years now, Christkindelsmärik has been one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe. Picturesque stalls nested along Place Broglie and around Notre-Dame Cathedral, stacked with delicate figurines and lovely ornaments are going waiting for you from November 22nd to December 30th, 2019. Don’t forget to take a bite of flammkuchen (a traditional specialty – so-called “flamed cake”) after tasting on those yummy pretzels, bredele cookies, and mulled wine. To kickstart the upcoming New Year, look up for the stuffed white storks, which, according to the Alsatians are a symbol of good luck.

Munich, Germany

Thousands of craft stalls, tree lights, garlands, and millions of tourists are going to overwhelm the Marienplatz in Munich starting from November 27th to December 24th, 2019. A glittering 100-foot square is sprinkled with adults and kids dressed as angels, gulping down hot chocolate, crunching reiber-datschi and glühwein, and traditional cookies. You can grab some spiced wine from the charming trundling Christmas train as well. A brass band singing carols from the balcony of the Town Hall the night before Christmas comes as a cherry to the top.

Zagreb, Croatia

Starting from November 30th, 2019 to January 7th, 2020, the upcoming advent in Zagreb is going to be like no other. The main market will unfurl on Ban Jelacic square, even though you can find souvenir stalls all around the city. Mulled wine with cinnamon, honey gingerbread, cabbage dish with fresh pasta stalls should be your first stops, from where you can move on to the Kaptol district and Zrinjevac Park with 220 with splendor treetops ornamented with numerous festive lights and decorations. Depending on the day you visit the advent, you will catch film scores, video projections, live music, and light shows – truly magical and authentic Christmas atmosphere.

Prague, Czech Republic

A winter Christmas market wonderland is awaiting you at the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square from November 30th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020. Soak up into the medieval mood of Prague as you gulp down sweet mulled wine and crack nutty rum cookies. Stalls will be full of Czech marionettes, crystals, Bohemian decorations, wooden toys – so many gift ideas or self-treats! The very highlight of the Christmas market in Prague falls on St. Nicholas Day (December 5th), where the visitors can enjoy the spectacle of the trio (St. Nicholas, angel, demon) roaming through the city streets, narrating the story about the good and the evil.

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