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Best places for three-generational holidays

Best places for three-generational holidays

Bringing the grandparents on holidays with you is great for making lasting memories for the entire family. Here are some great examples of holidays that are suitable for all the family. 

Ski holidays 

I know it mightn’t seem like it but ski holidays are actually a great choice when travelling with grandparents. In ski resorts, there’s so much on offer for everyone of all ages. The resort’s surrounding little villages are also great for a walk around, with great amenities such as cafes and shops. With plenty of places to sit and relax around a ski resort, elderly relatives can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the grandkids have a ball. 

Villa Holidays 

Having your own little villa to your own family can be ideal for grandparents, as it is your family’s own private space to relax and unwind. Any sort of self-catering accommodation makes it easy for elderly to cater for their own diet needs, as well as ensuring that your surrounding area is more peaceful and less manic than a hotel’s may be. 


A cruise holiday is especially good for the whole family as there is simply so much to do on a cruise. They have everything you could think of packed away onto a spacious fun-filled ship. From games rooms and cinemas to pools and spas, every age group can find activities and entertainment on board.  


Always remember that a holiday doesn’t have to be abroad! All you need for guaranteed fun is right here on our little island. Choosing a new location in Ireland will make for an exciting trip away, and it can be easier on the grandparents too as less travelling means less tiredness and physical strain. 

City Break 

A city break is a great idea for both young and old as cities really do have entertainment for everyone. While young ones will be enthralled by the exciting sights and activities on offer, grandparents can enjoy classic options such as museums, parks, theatre shows and so much more. 

Top tip Everyone is different so, if you’re planning on bringing the grandparents along on your trip, have a chat with them first to see what kind of location, attractions and entertainment they would like to experience. It’s always important to get someone’s personal preferences when trying to choose the perfect holiday destination.  

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