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#Unplugged: Keeping kids off technology on your holiday

#Unplugged: Keeping kids off technology on your holiday

In the age we live in, a lot of the time kids are more concerned about packing iPads, chargers and travel adapters than they are the essentials. While sometimes apps and games can be great for keeping little ones entertained, it’s understandable if you’d like your kids to partake in a LED screen detox whilst on holidays. Here are some alternative entertainment ideas for keeping boredom at bay during your getaway. 

 Encourage them to keep a travel journal 

Ensure your kids remain creative during your stay by having them keep note of your daily adventures. Getting your kids to keep a log of their holiday adventures will keep them busy for a while and it will ensure they have a keepsake of the vacation to look back on. It can be a daily diary entry, a scrapbook or just a brief summary of each day’s activities and on-goings.  

 Mini photographers 

Equip your little one with camera for a chance to see the holiday through their eyes. Whether you want a stash of disposable cameras or wish to trust your older ones with a slightly more advanced model, gifting each child with their own personal lens and photo album before your holiday will give them an alternative focus and ensure they’re not seeing the sites through a phone screen. 

 Classic entertainment options 

Make like your parents did back when you were a child on holidays and go for some classic entertainment choices. A new toy, book, magazines or travel-sized board-game will all make for good temporary distractions. You could even try source brochures or magazines for your holiday destination and have them each pick out activities and sites they wish to see during your stay.  

 Sentimental scribbles  

What better way to keep kids busy on holidays than writing to your loved ones at home. Kill time in airports or on long journey’s whilst on holiday by having your little ones write a post-card, letter, or email to family at home, grandparents or even their school friends. They’ll only be delighted to tell everyone how their trip is going and update home on their adventures.  

 Jam-packed itineraries  

The easiest way of ensuring kids stay off technology is keeping their schedules busy. If your little ones’ itineraries are full to the brink with activities and days out, they won’t have enough spare time to waste away hours on an iPad. You can keep their technology time to a minimum, such as waiting around airports or long journeys, and ensure that their making the most of their time for the rest of the holiday. 

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