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Italian Campsites

Italian Campsites

Italy is a top destination for families who want to spend wonderful and vibrant holidays in nature. Numerous campsites, especially in North Italy, have a vast offer of kid-friendly facilities and activities. If you are struggling with the choice, we have 5 Italian campsites to suggest. 

Bella Italia  

This 5-star lively campsite is tailored for fun! If the family is up for a vacay lived in absolute freedom, 5 large village pools, playparks, slides, inflatables, waterfalls, even aquatic animals and a water mushroom are waiting for you and the kiddos. There is a mini club for kids 4-12 years where they can enjoy activities such as kite flying, learning how to cook, face painting, and dancing. Pescheria del Garda also boasts numerous entertainment shows, tournaments, and games where everyone is invited!

Union Lido  

Union Lido offers a truly unique and breath-taking experience for families with kids. Aqua Park Marino boasts a swimming pool, heated semi-Olympic pool, heated whirlpool baths, water mushrooms, 3 slides, and many more. You little ones with fall for this multi-theme camping concept. Making children their priority, Union Lido features 3 mini clubs – one for babies 18 months to 2 years, mini 3-6, and maxi 7-12. Each of these focuses on age-appropriate activities such as face painting, cooking classes, sports.

Marina de Venezia  

This 15,000-square-meter Italian campsite is a place where families make wonderful memories and experience unique sensations. It offers numerous water activities and facilities for the little ones – a giant slide, wave pool, whirlpool, water jets, and the best of all – 10 swimming pools. The kiddos will be thrilled by animation programs this campsite organizes at their Leo Miniclub. Here, children can treasure hunt, dance, get creative at creative shops, participate in Olympic games, team games, and watch mini-shows.

Pra Delle Torri  

Spend your next family holiday in an Italian and natural setting. Pra Delle Torri is surrounded by greeneries and features 1,000 campsite pitches only 100 to 450 meters from the beach. If you are visiting with teens, let them join the Activity Park and enjoy a range of sports activities, such as skateboarding, Panna football, parkour. Not so far away is the Holiday Centre water park featuring the Laguna pool (including water slides, games, and whirlpool), Pirate’s Island for the youngest visitors, and, from 2020, the Pra Delle Torri Slide Park. Filled with adrenaline-jumping activities, this place will swipe your kids off their feet.


Immersed in the pine forest, Portofelice is a place where families come to relax and have a safe and super-fun holiday. Take the little ones to the Happy World soft park where they can enjoy trampolines and inflatables or head to the swimming pool area surrounded by gorgeous vegetation. There are 3 swimming pools, whirlpools, slides, waterfalls, and neck-massage water jets for adults to relax as their beloved ones make new friends, jump, giggle, and have the best holiday ever. Portofelice also offers an entertainment service at the mini club where your child can get involved in team activities.

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