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Keeping Your House Safe While on Holidays

Keeping Your House Safe While on Holidays

The whole family is ecstatic about the upcoming holidays. However, it’s still not the right time to unwind and leave everything behind. You don’t want to think about whether you locked the door, left the garage open, or the emersion on. Make sure to tick the following boxes whenever you are away, especially when on vacation. 

Give a hide-a-key to a family member or a friend 

We all leave our spare keys under the doormat or in a flowerpot. However, thieves know about this trick and they always check in these places to find the hidden key. Instead, leave it to someone you trust. 

Disengage your garage door opener 

More experienced burglars know how to hack garage door openers. Sometimes, all they need is a universal remoter. Disconnect the opener when away and opt for a manual lock.  

Keep it low on social media 

Not everyone has to know your business. Delete everything from your social media profiles that can help criminals find your home. Also, leave posting for some time after the vacay. Instead, take some time to disconnect with the world and reconnect with your family and yourself when on holidays. 

Lock up valuables 

If burglars still find their way to enter your house, you want to make sure your easy-to-grab valuables are well-secured. Lock up your physical goods (jewelry, tech) but also any of your personal identification you are leaving home, financial information, and social security cards. This way, you can be fully relaxed when on holidays knowing your property and valuables are kept safe. 

Set your alarm 

Make sure to set your alarm when you leave for vacation. But also ensure you leave your alarm number and spare key with a neighbor incase a cat sets it off. There is nothing worse than living in an estate and your house alarm going off for ten days driving the neighbours bananas, all because a spider crossed the alarm line.  

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