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How to Entertain Kids on Long Haul Flights

How to Entertain Kids on Long Haul Flights

Flying with kids overseas usually includes multiple meltdowns, screaming, and peevishness. Don’t worry, we will help the family arrive at a dream destination in one piece, all frazzled. Here’s what you should bring with you for a long haul flight. 

Play role games 

If your little ones are scared of flying, try to turn the whole flight into a game. Kids like playing a pilot or flight attendants. Not only you will prevent pre-light panic, but there will be none during the flight. Act as if you and the children are involved in everything happening onboard. If you wanted to go all out you could get a costume to make it the real deal.  

Charge and load tablets 

If playing games and watching Disney films and TV shows would keep your beloved one distracted for a few hours, let down your guards against technology. We won’t guarantee this will work for the whole flight but is always a solid option. Even babies react to catchy songs or animations so you can take a break and enjoy the in-flight meal. 

Pack plenty of snacks 

Hungry toddlers are highly likely to cause havoc on the plane. Bored ones as well. Instead of waiting for the flight-in meal, serve them some snacks. This will keep them occupied for 10-20 minutes at least and the tension will dwindle as well. 

Get creative 

Kids get bored easily, which is why you should have multiple options at your disposal. Bring some books, a notebook, pencils and pens, and washable crayons.   

Take pictures 

Some little fellows would love taking pictures while on the plane. Hand them the camera and they will start snapping all around. Usually, they will capture the view from above (those cloud pics are always great) but don’t get surprised if they take a funny picture of you as well. Anything for the sake of a peaceful flight! 

Travel size board games 

You could pass away another hour or two by playing travel size Connect 4, Chess, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders etc. All of these can be found on amazon and kids just adore playing with their parents. How often do we spend time at home doing this- what a perfect opportunity to have one-on-one time with them.  

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