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Eurocamp’s Most Popular Sites

Eurocamp’s Most Popular Sites

 By April Drew  

We asked and you answered. We polled over 3,000 of you to ask you what your favourite Eurocamp sites are in Europe. Below are the most popular selections. We’ve included the parc name, the location and the Eurocamp code. To search further please visit We’ve also added in the nearest town (so you can see if it’s within walking distance) and the nearest airports.  

Please note this is not a paid advertisement.  


Marina di Venezia Campsite – 5 star 

Northern Italy-  Code: IA022 

Marina di Venezia Campsite is a large Italian campsite with direct access to the beach. It has become a popular park with Irish and English visitors in recent years, and one of the main reasons is due to its close proximity to Venice (a perfect opportunity to visit the city for the day with the family).  

The site features an Olympic sized swimming pool as well as a large kid’s pool and plenty of waterslides to keep the kids entertained. Evening entertainment and kids daytime entertainment is a plus.  

  • Nearest town 
    • 3.5km Ca’Savio 
  • Nearest Airports: 
    • Venice (VCE): 51km 
    • Treviso (TSF): 65km 
    • Trieste (TRS): 138km 

Union Lido – 5 star 

Northern Italy- Code IA015 

Union Lido is another beautiful 5 star campsite in Northern Italy with direct beach access, what more do you want. It is famous for their Hawaiian Beach pool which ensures the ultimate relaxation. There are two pool complexes, an abundance of slides and they even have a flowing river. The Parc has a train that runs all day to the beach.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Cavallino – 2km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Venice (VCE): 45km 
    • Treviso (TSF): 75km 
    • Trieste (TRS): 129km 

Bella Italia – 5 star 

Northern Italy, Lake Garda Code IL019 

Possibly the most popular campsite in Italy, Bella Italia is famous for its stunning surrounding area. There is direct access to the lake beach outside the campsite and inside offers guests four pool complexes to choose from. Lots of onsite entertainment during the summer season and beautiful cycling paths to explore.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Peschiera del Garda – 2km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Verona (VRN): 23km 
    • Brescia (VBS): 40km 
    • Bergamo (BGY): 91km 
    • Venice (VCE): 136km 

Altomincio Family Park- 4 star  

Northern Italy, Lake Garda Code IL044 

Altominico is one of Eurocamp’s favourite amongst families with younger kids. There is an abundance of activities to keep the kids entertained as well as a fantastic water slide and kids’ pool with a spongy surface. Gardaland theme park is also nearby which passes a day away. Located again on Lake Garda it’s an ideal scenic location for those precious sunny holidays.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Salionze – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Verona (VRN): 22km 
    • Brescia (VBS): 48km 
    • Bergamo (BGY): 101km 
    • Milan Malpensa (MXP): 131km 

Pra Delle Torri 4 star 

Northern Italy Code IA012 

Pra Delle Torri is one we can, hand on heart, say it wonderful. We visited a few years ago and I’m excited to go back with friends. It’s directly on the beach with a wonderful huge pool complex and plenty of great entertainment for the kids. There is also a golf course on site.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Porto S. Margerita – 3km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Venice (VCE): 79km 
    • Trieste (TRS): 83km 

Treviso (TSF): 84km 


Sanguli– 5 star 

Costa Dorado, Spain- Code: CD013 

Sanguli is one of Eurocamp’s sites that we are very familiar with. We went with a group of friends in 2019 after hearing wonderful reports and it surpassed our expectations. You can view the whole trip on our Getaways with Kids Instagram highlight section or click here to read about it. 

Sanguli is a very large site with PortAventura Theme Park only 4km away. There are four wonderful pool areas and the site is split up into various sections. We stayed in the Africa section while visiting.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Salou – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Reus (REU): 12km 
    • Barcelona (BCN): 99km 

Cambrills Park- 5 star 

Costa Dorada, Spain- Code CD012 

Cambrills Park is another beautiful Spanish resort, one kilometre from the vibrant town of Salou. Cambrills is the sister property of Sanguli and you can buy a day pass to visit either site while staying. While staying in Sanguli I had the pleasure of visiting this five star site and it was magnificent. Again, you can view my highlights on our Instagram page.  

Cambrills Park has some wonderful pool complex options and stunning accommodations to choose from. There is lots of sports facilities on site to keep every age group entertained and plenty of entertainment at night time. It’s next door to Sanguli and only 8km from PortAventura, a must visit with the kids.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Salou – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Reus (REU): 12km 
    • Barcelona (BCN): 101km 
    • Milan Malpensa (MXP): 138km 

Park Playa Bara 5 star 

Costa Dorada, Spain- Code CD011 

Park Playa Bara is a themed campsite. It’s all about ancient Rome so if you want to experience a little bit of Italy in Spain this is your site. It’s a modern day Parc with plenty to do with the family. There is even a spa for the adults to enjoy. Lively entertainment is promised and even an underground disco. Who is coming with me?  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Roc de Sant Gaietà – 1.5km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Reus (REU): 27km 
    • Barcelona (BCN): 68km 

El Delfin Verde 5 star 

Costa Brava, Spain Code CB013 

El Delfin Verde is by a stunning large beach on Costa Brava. It’s a Parc with so much to do you might need two weeks. It’s known for its stunning dolphin-shaped swimming complex and plenty of night time entertainment in high season. It’s 8km to the nearest town so a car would be useful but not necessary.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Torroella de Montgri – 8km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Gerona (GRO): 58km 
    • Perpignan (PGF): 108km 

Castell Montgri  5 star 

Costa Brava, Spain Code CB012 

Castell Montgri has everything, beaches, entertainment, stunning scenery but it is hilly, so you’ve been warned. Nature loving families will adore this Costa Brava campsite with plenty to do onsite for everyone. Once a fishing village, now a hub for the perfect family holiday.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • L’Estartit – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Gerona (GRO): 53km 
    • Perpignan (PGF): 105km 
    • Barcelona (BCN): 150km 


Zaton Holiday Resort- 5 star 

Croatia Code CA022 

Although Croatia isn’t the first county that pops to mind for a campsite holiday, Zaton is one of the most popular campsite resorts in the county with our followers. Ideal for trying out different culture and at the same time experiencing all the luxury a five start campsite has to offer. There is a large pool and another for the kiddies plus an abundance of activities on site. Evening entertainment during peak season is also excellent and with the beach just a stone’s throw this sounds like an adventurous holiday.  

  • Nearest Town 
    •  Zaton – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Zadar (ZAD): 31km 


La Sirène– 5 star 

South of France- WM011 

Located in the picturesque seaside town of Argelès-sur-Mer, La Sirène- is one of France’s most popular Eurocamp sites. It’s on our to do list and I’m excited because it promises nothing but luxury and fun. It’s a large site with an abundance of things to do onsite including a covered swimming area for the kids accompanied by lots of slides, water buckets and a huge flume. There is a new onsite arena to enjoy entertainment in the evenings and plenty of on-site activities to keep the whole family busy.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Argeles Plage – 2km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Perpignan (PGF): 28km 
    • Gerona (GRO): 105km 
    • Carcassonne (CCF): 150km 

Hippocampe Campsite – 5 star 

South of France- Code WM015 

Hippocampe is sister property to La Siréne which means visitors to this site can cross the road and avail of entertainment and facilities. Hippocampe is a delight for younger families who are seeking s smaller, more intimate site, with a beach just a kilometre away. It is home to a lovely pool complex, water slides and sports facilities.  

  • Nearest Town: 
    • Argelès Plage – 1.7km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Perpignan (PGF): 29km 
    • Gerona (GRO): 105km 
    • Carcassonne (CCF): 150km 

La Croix du Vieux Pont 5 star  

Northern France, Paris Code PA012 

This is a popular campsite for the very reason that you can get to Disneyland Paris in 90 minutes. So you can have the best of both worlds. This campsite has four pools including an indoor one along with a host of activities. People who visit La Croix du Vieux Pont also make it their business to do a day trip into Paris, sure why wouldn’t you?  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Vic-sur-Aisne – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Beauvais (BVA): 86km 
    • Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG): 89km 
    • Paris Orly (ORY): 114km 

La Pointe St-Gilles- 5 star  

Northern France, Brittany- BS012 

Another French seaside resort, La Pointe St-Gilles is the ideal resort if you like strolling along the promenade with the family and visiting nearby restaurants and beach clubs. There is a small beach just outside the entrance, a large pool complex inside and lots of wonderful evening entertainment. There is even a tourist train to pick you up in the evening time.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Bénodet – 1km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Lorient (LRT): 71km 
    • Brest (BES): 97km 

Le Mané Guernehué  5 star  

Northern France, Brittany code: BS023 

The beauty of Le Mané Guernehué is if you go off season and the weather isn’t fantastic, you can avail of the campsites’ indoor pool. Le Mané Guernehué is on top of a hill but close to stunning beaches and quaint French towns. Plenty to keep the family busy in the locality including horse riding.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Baden – 0.7km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Lorient (LRT): 60km 
    • Nantes (NTE): 130km 

Le Domaine du Clarys – Le Clarys Plage 5 star  

Central France- Code VN011 

Located in the centre of France, this Eurocamp site is fabulous. Loads of outdoor slides for the kids to enjoy and there is the bonus of an indoor heated pool also. Merlin Plague  (beach) is a short walk away with some wonderful restaurants within walking distance.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Saint-Jean-de-Monts – 7km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Nantes (NTE): 76km 
    • La Rochelle (LRH): 149km 

St. Avit Loisirs Campsite  5 star 

Central France Code DR019 

Another beautiful campsite in central France surrounded by beautiful medieval villages. Ideal for the outdoorsy family with four pool complexes to choose from including a lazy river. You won’t be stuck for things to do, that’s for sure.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Le Bugue – 8km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Bergerac (EGC): 44km 
    • Limoges (LIG): 129km



Duinrell  5 star 

Netherlands Code HL012 

Duinrell is one of the most famous campsites in Europe, mainly because it has a 1km waterpark on site and a theme park, yes you read correctly, a theme park. It’s also only 40 minutes from Amsterdam so make a day trip of it. This parc oozes fun so if you are a thrill seeking family give Duinrell a go.. It’s on top of our to do list of campsites.  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Wassenaar – 0.5km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Amsterdam (AMS): 39km 


Manor Farm 5 star 

Switzerland Code SW012 

Although Switzerland isn’t the first place we think of when we think of campsite holidays but Manor Farm Campsite is fabulous. An ideal base to explore the locality. It’s the perfect place for walking and cycling and has direct access to a private beach lake. Although it’s spread across two halves, there is an underpass to connect you. Who wouldn’t want to visit Switzerland in the summer?  

  • Nearest Town 
    • Unterseen – 2km 
  • Nearest Airports 
    • Zurich (ZRH): 138km 

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