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A 10-day visit to Sanguli- Salou

A 10-day visit to Sanguli- Salou

We love camping holidays (well mobile home style camping). I’d been hearing about these two great campsites in Salou everywhere I went, Cambrills and Sanguli. So this past year we added Sanguli to our travel list and boy did it exceed our expectations.  

We spent 10 glorious days at the end of May, start of June 2019, in the Spanish campsite Sanguli along with another five families (friends). We booked it back in June 2018 (paid just over €1,200) to ensure we all got the accommodations we wanted (and even at that one family didn’t get their desired living quarters for the 10 days). We booked our 2020 vacation before we left this year to guarantee our locations.  

We put a 25% deposit down of the total amount of the stay and we aren’t required to pay another penny until we arrive on site (or we can pay it off bit by bit as the year goes on.). Please note that only 25% is required if booked before December 31st the year before. 50% of the total amount is required for reservations from Jan1st and up to 30 days before arrival. If, for some reason, you need to cancel, once you notify Sanguli within 60 days of arrival date, then you will get all your deposit back except for €50. 

We flew from Dublin to Barcelona (we live near Shannon so it would have been so much easier to fly Shannon to Reus (which is about 15 min away from Sanguli) but there was approximately a €600 saving for a family of 5 by flying the Dublin to Barcelona route (and hiring a car and spending one night at an airport hotel). We used a company called Record Go for car hire but weren’t entirely happy with our experience.

We booked our flights at Christmas time in the Aer Lingus sale (approx Dec 27th). At the time this article was written (August 2019) flights were currently on sale for Dublin to Reus route but the Shannon and Cork routes are due out later this year (usually Oct). 


There are 4 sections in Sanguli. Africa, Carribean, Mediterrania and Polinesia. There is one main reception (in the Africa section) that everyone must check into (unless you are bringing your own tent or motorhome). And then you can request a golf cart to bring you and your luggage to your accommodations. 

Africa is the closest (and most modern accommodations in my opinion) to reception. There is also a fantastic pool with slides, African animals and plenty of sun loungers. And a shop, restaurant (and take away) and small bakery close by. There is no cars in this section- only right down the rear end near the car park. All accommodations are modern and clean. This year we hired the 2 bedroom Nuba lodge and next year we have hired the biggest one, the 3 bed Samburu lodge. There is also smaller options called Masai and also very stylish. There are also Safari tents that you can hire. These are very cool. They have eclectic and all similar amenities to other accommodations. They have 2 tents called the Grand Safari that can sleep up to 8 people.  

The next section is Polinesia. These emulate huts and have various sizes. These aren’t far from Africa pool either but also pretty close to another pool area and the Amphitheatre where entertainment happens six nights a week (not on a Monday and only weekends off season). There is also a big restaurant here and a children’s playground. Plenty of space for everyone. No cars in this section. The options are the 4 bed Bali bungalows, or 6 person (max) Tahiti and Tahiti Suite.

The Carribean section have brightly coloured apartment style accommodations that are large in floor space and smack bang in the middle of the park. No cars allowed in this section. Located close to Africa and Amphitheatre pools. They are very spacious villas and can sleep up to 4 adults and 2 kids. 

The Mediterrania is where the mobile homes are and you can drive your hired car to the door and park outside. Kids just need to be extra vigilant in this area over the cars but overall everyone drives very carefully. The mobile homes were in great condition and had great space also. They are opposite the amphitheatre pool area. You can hire the 4 person Thalassa, the 6 person Louisianne or the 7 person Salauris mobile. 


The night time entertainment in the Amphitheatre was exceptional. We (and the kids) had so much fun each night. The disco starts at 8pm for the kids and entertainment runs through until midnight most nights. During peak season there is entertainment six nights a week and during weekends off season. 

There is an abundance of sports activities to choose from in Sanguli. There is a list of activities on a notice board down by the sports arena for a week. You won’t be bored. 

Please note there is NO supervised kids club. There is a wonderful kids club that you can bring your little people to BUT you must stay with them. Sanguli don’t take responsibility for anyone’s kids and I can see why, it’s a super busy resort with hundreds of kids on site each day. 

There is also a gym that you can pay to use. Classes in the morning are free. 

You can also pay for mini-golf and the use of trampolines. 


There are a few restaurants dotted around the site that serve a selection of various foods. We went out a lot to eat also and can highly recommend- Taste of India, Juniors, Twisted Lime, Barca, Mur Mur. There is also a few shops onsite so you can buy your own food (most accommodations don’t have ovens) or treat yourself to a take away.  

We did a shop the first day (and again half way through the holiday) in Lidl (about a 5 min drive outside the Africa entrance) and stocked up on breakfast, snacks, fruit, drinks, toilet paper and all that good stuff. On site shops are fairly affordable also and the bakeries are lovely. 

You can also buy disposable BBQs for use. They have gluten free food options in the shop and on the menus. People are also wonderful for leaving stuff they can’t bring home on their decks when leaving so watch out for these goodies. 


They have great accessible accommodations and one of the pools has an area for wheelchairs. 


Sanguli campsite is right across from the beach. From the Africa section it’s about a 12-15 min walk or a 7 min cycle.  We didn’t spend too much time on the beach (my kids loved the pools so much) but it’s a lovely beach and I went cycling or walking along it often. There is a beautiful promenade that leads right up into Salou (about a 12-15 min cycle or 30 min walk) and also down to the port of Cambrills (we didn’t get that far). There is also many restaurants directly outside the resort and down along the promenade and down into Cambrills and Salou. You will be spoiled for choice. It’s recommended to book restaurants in busy season. We did a lot. 


I highly recommend everyone in the family gets a bike. It’s a great way to get around and the kids loved the freedom of being able to cycle around the Africa section on the bike and visit their friends up in Polinesia. You can hire onsite and also from a company called Amigo 24 on the main street to the left of Sanguli.  

The weather: Although it’s a little pointless talking about the weather as it can be very different week to week, we had sunshine for 10 days.. The temps varied between 20-28 degrees on any given day. It was fabulous and the kids DIDN’T need wetsuits for the pool. 

Cambrills (sister property)

You can be invited over to visit a friend in Cambrills for a few hours but they need to leave your name at reception. You can visit for an hour for free (if you know no one). You can also pay to visit Cambrills (if staying in Sanguli) for the day to test it out. 


There are lots of day trips you can take (great if you have a car) but we didn’t stray too far. We spent a full day in Portaventura theme park and would highly recommend this. Perfect for three upwards.

We ended our holiday with three days in Barcelona which was wonderful- that’s for another article though. 

Closing and re-opening

The site closes on Nov 3rd this year (2019) and they celebrate Halloween the last 3 weekends of the season. The 2020 season will run from April 3rd to Nov 1st. Check in time is strictly 4pm (you can use all facilities though before this) and check out is 11am. 


  • -There is no laundrette on site but you can drop off your laundry to be taken care of and it will be back to you within a day or two. 
  • -There are safes is some accommodations and none in others (but can be hired) should you need to keep valuables safe. 
  • -There is also some clothes and accessory shops on site to get your little luxury items. 
  • -We booked directly through but there are other companies operating out of Sanguli (for example Eurocamp, Alfresco, Roan)
  • -The site is big but not as big as you would think. One half of the site is for campers so you have no need to be in this section (only to walk through to get to the exit onto the beach). 
  • -It can be expensive (esp in high season) but you pay for what you get. It’s a luxury site and everything is well looked after. 
  • -They don’t have a babysitting service. 
  • -Smallest accommodations is Bali
  • -Irons can be hired for a refundable deposit of €30
  • -Tap water is safe to drink 
  • -There is a little Sanguli beach club (reduced sun bed rates) straight in front of resort entrance. 
  • -It’s self catering only (no all-inclusive options). We spent an average of €50 a day eating out. 
  • -There is also a little train that goes from one part of the site to the other all day. 
  • -There is a limited amount of free wife also- you can buy some if needed. 

My recommendations: 

Book as early as you can (at least a year out). 

There is no need to run down to the pool early as there is plenty of sun loungers each day. 

Book directly with the site as you save money and get good choice of accommodations. (you’ll also get your bed sheets, and towels, included when booking directly with some accommodations).


You can go into the highlights section on the profile page of our Instagram account- Getaways with Kids– where you’ll see two vlogs on our whole trip. This is a great way to get a feel for the place. The whole place is documented.  

 This was NOT a press trip. We paid in full for everything and this is an independent review of the resort. We booked directly so we can’t comment on bookings with other agents (eurocamp etc). Please note that schedules, rules and prices change regularly so this article is only factual at the time of print – September 3rd, 2019. Please contact the campsite directly for any more information. 

My family and I would rate this holiday a solid 10/10 

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