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5 places to visit in Dublin with your kids

5 places to visit in Dublin with your kids

If you are planning a trip to Dublin with your kids, we have awesome news for you – the capital is extremely family-friendly and has a lot to offer youngsters (pet farms, adventure centers, arts, crafts, and lots more). Have a snoop at some of the most entertaining, enjoyable places to visit and explore numerous activities in the Captial.


How about visiting an interactive children’s museum that unleashes creativity and develops skills and logical thinking with kiddos up to 9 years old? Younger children enjoy every second spent at this museum designed to spark their interest in new activities and encourage kiddos to get out of their comfort zone. Let them build, construct, touch, pull, even smash and break – this place is a paradise on earth for tiny tots. Yet, don’t let this trick you, as the exhibits are all highly educational and foster children’s soft skills and problem-solving. Doctor’s office, play zone, tree houses, live performances – the fun doesn’t seem to stop here at Imaginosity.


Are you on the hunt for the most diverse family day out in Dublin? This massive (107,000 sq ft) sports-science wonderland is designed with the purpose to ignite curiosity and inspire adults and kiddos to learn more about science through sport. With more than 300 exhibits, this place will make you you’re your head minute after minute. Giant animated waterfall, turbo bicycles, harp, and sleek workshops where kids can express themselves and create new stuff makes up just a tiny part of what Explorium has to offer. This is a world-class, deeply knowledgeable, and endlessly engaging facility in Dublin that families shouldn’t miss.

Rainforest Adventure Golf

From kids (5 and under) to bigger kids (15 and under) to adults, Rainforest Adventure Golf has everything the family needs to have some great fun together. These guys have two 18-hole themed golf courses and a couple of mini ones – so you can’t expect even a single dull moment while here. Allow your kids to explore the wonderful worlds of Mayas and Aztecs, exotic rainforests, or sign up for the Jaguar Temple Challenge (skilled players are welcome as well). There is no need to book an appointment, just show up at the Rainforest Adventure Golf and win awesome prizes!

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is a perfect place for family bonding! You and the youngsters will have a great time getting familiar with some of the funniest species such as meerkats to the deadliest predators residing at the zoo – Amur tigers. African Plains are one of the hottest attractions here, as the family can spot gorillas, chimpanzees, even some beasts from here, while we would recommend the African forest if you would like to have a closer look of the animals and take pics of your kids with their favorite species.


Why wouldn’t you spend an afternoon exploring Medieval Dublin and its unique Viking history? Situated in the very center of the city, you simply can’t miss Dublinia. You and the kids will get a chance to swipe through 4 super-exciting exhibitions. Turn back time and visit Vikings, get into the role of a History Hunter, and climb the famous St Michael’s Tower with the offspring. Make sure to visit Christ’s church as well, as it is located almost next door to Dublinia.

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