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Bring the family to Barcelona

Bring the family to Barcelona

 While it may not be the capital, Barcelona is certainly Spain’s prime location for tourists. Family fun is a guarantee in this bustling city, and there is no shortage of things to see, do and enjoy for every age group.  

Zoo de Barcelona and Ciutadella Park 

Jammed with exotic and exciting species, kids will love the city’s iconic zoo. Giraffe, elephants, lions and pandas are only the beginning of this zoo’s list of residents, and your kids will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these creatures while also learning about the conservation practices adopted by the zoo. The zoo itself is located in Ciutadella Park, Barcelona’s oldest green space which is ideal for allowing kids to run amuck and be active. While family strolls, bike rides, row boating and picnics are always possible here, the park is also host to regular family-friendly events and festivals worth keeping an eye out for.  

Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo  

What child doesn’t love an amusement park? Parc d’Attraccions is a special one as it reigns as one of the world’s oldest amusement parks and is extremely popular among natives and tourists alike. Attractions include classic fairground favourites such as a Ferris Wheel, rollercoasters and wing towers, as well as unique extras and designated rides for younger children. The park also hosts shows and events for children too. Be sure to check out the parks timetable on their website though, as it is closed for the months of January and February, with selective opening dates during low season. 

 Barcelona Bosc Urbà 

Standing as the city’s first ever adventure park, Barcelona Bosc Urbà is an active escape from urban surroundings. Featuring zip lines, treetop climbing networks, bungee jumping and various adventure circuits, is it is sure to make for a thrilling day out. The park is child friendly and recommended for families, with many group activities and adventures ensuring that great memories can be made here.  

 Take a tour 

With a plethora of tourist sights and attractions on hand, it would be a shame not to tour the city’s most renowned landmarks. While you may worry this mightn’t be a popular choice among kids, there are plenty of unique and exciting tours which will make the whole experience that much more entertaining. From designated children’s walking tours to ghost tours, there are sure to be plenty of options that will make the sight-seeing process that bit more exciting for little ones. 

 Camp Nou tour 

An absolute must for sports fans visiting Barcelona, but also an enjoyable experience for those less into football. Take a tour of the legendary Camp Nou stadium, walk through history in the Barça Museum and enjoy an iconic virtual reality experience. The Guide Service allows visitors to learn more facts about the club, while premium packages also allow visitors to view the changing rooms, walk along the pitch and view the private press zones of the stadium. Afterwards, head along to the FCB Megastore to pick up some iconic memorabilia that will forever remind of you the experience. 

 CosmoCaixa Barcelona  

Centred around the wonders of science, CosmoCaixa is sure to be an enjoyable but educational experience for both young and old. Take a journey through space and time, as well as the Earth’s eco-systems and development. Interactive exhibitions and spaces allow visitors to fully understand some of the world’s most exotic eco systems, including a recreation of an Amazonian rainforest complete with its native animal species such as crocodiles and piranhas. The Planetarium will inform you on the wonders of our solar system, while family-orientated workshops will allow for further entertainment.  

 Barcelona beaches 

Barcelona has an impressive selection of beaches to choose from, many of which are ideal for families. Their older beaches such as Sant Sebastià and Sant Miquel have great shallow areas for younger kids, while Somorrostro and Le Barceloneta are favourites among tourists. Llevant beach is Barcelona’s newest beach, as it was created for the Olympic Games in 2006. It is also a popular choice as, during the summer months, a seawater swimming pool is opened nearby for visitors to enjoy.  

 Top tip 

The Barcelona Pass is a great way of ensuring you see all the sights during your stay in the city. You can pick and choose attractions of interest to you and book admissions at a reduced rate while also avoiding the stresses that come with booking tickets individually. Transport and guidebooks are also available, ensuring your travels are as stress free as possible.  

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