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Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Traveling with teens and tweens is often all about attitudes and eye-rolling. Yet, if you manage to persuade them to come along and keep them excited and engaged, your lovelies will give in. Here’s how to make some of the most memorable family moments with teens on board. 

Involve your teens in the planning process 

When you give your kids some kind of ownership, they will feel like they are planning the whole trip. Ask them about where they would like to go and let them suggest 3 to 4 destinations. This doesn’t mean you should integrate all of their ideas, but at least a few would be awesome. 

Once you know where you are going, plan an itinerary. Of course, let them do their research on the sights and activities. You will escape last-minute debates and make sure your teens are not disappointed by the choice of activities. 

Don’t abolish their screen time 

If it bugs you that your teen is constantly on their phone, well – you’ll just have to accept it if they want to go for a family trip next year. Compromise. Make sure the place you are staying at has free WiFi but also go to places with no internet connection to prevent them from being glued to the screens non-stop. Maybe create a contact between you and them in terms of the amount of screentime they are allowed when on family time together.  

Let them get enough sleep 

Even though this means re-arranging your morning activities, believe us when we say – you don’t want your teenager all cranky on your family holiday. Don’t force them to get up early if they are not early birds, so maybe plan stuff to do with them mid-morning, later afternoon instead of 9am.  

Give them some free time 

Teens always need some time on their own. Let them keep their independence on vacation as well, and the trip will be much more enjoyable for all of you. If you are travelling with your teens, allow them to explore the destination without you for a few hours (within reason of course- you don’t want them hopping on the back of a motorbike with a local teen and not coming home for days!). 

Book them a separate room 

If your teens are old enough, you can book a separate room for them. Or, you can split – one adult and one teen in a room, but they really do need their own space, even on holidays. Just make sure there are no safety concerns and check in on them once in a while. 

You see, planning a trip with your teen/teens doesn’t have to be a stressful chore! Once you understand their needs and bend the rules a bit, you will have a lovely family vacation everyone will enjoy. 

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