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Travelling abroad with teenagers

Travelling abroad with teenagers

Teenagers certainly are a difficult breed at times, but what’s even harder is trying to find a holiday destination that will keep them entertained and happy. Don’t worry though, as we’ve compiled some of the best holiday ideas for a getaway with teens. 

City breaks 

Going on a big city break is always a good idea with teenagers as there is always so much to see and do in a big city. New York, London or Berlin are always popular options, or if you’re feeling more adventurous Tokyo or Dubai are exotic choices. The list of amazing and adventurous places to go and things to do in these cities is endless. From shopping to seeing the sights, a big city break with your teenager is always a good idea. Your teens will be spoiled for choice when setting out their itinerary.  

Water Trips 

Beach holidays and water parks always get a green light from teenagers. Lake Garda in Sicily or The Great Barrier Reef in Tenerife are just some of the amazing places worldwide to go for a little water dip. Boat tours, water sports, and snorkelling are just some of the amazing activities available in many sea side locations, while water parks are jammed to the brim with rides and attractions which will ensure everyone is entertained. 


For an active and energetic holiday, ski trips are a great idea for your family holiday. Whether they’re strong skiers or complete novicesmany family friendly ski resorts are fantastic for helping guests of every skill levelAlternative activities include snowboarding, ice skating and tobogganing, as well as non-snow related classics such as shops and pools. Some of the world’s most amazing skiing resorts are in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland, so there are plenty of options available. 


There’s no denying that a big cruise ship really has it all. It’s like its own little world packed away on the waves and has everything you could possibly think of on board to keep your teenagers entertained. Your family can see a multitude of locations and experience many cultures, while also having many amenities and activities on your doorstep. From luxury cruises, to family-friendly choices and even Disney themed adventures, there are so many incredible cruise options to choose from. 

Get active 

Teenagers are happiest when they’re busy, so choosing a holiday location which is known for having amazing hikes, scenic walks or adventure parks ensures that they will be kept busy. Some of Europe’s most popular tourist areas like Salou, Albufeira and Malta all have a beautiful countryside worth seeking out for some amazing rural hikes and treks.  

Top tips 

If you want to ensure your teen enjoys the holiday experience, consider allowing them to bring a friend along so they have someone to share the fun with. Having a pal with them on the holiday will mean the world to them and allow them to make memories they will never forget. 

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