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Take the family to Vienna

Take the family to Vienna

Fancy a city break in the breath-taking Vienna? All of Austria has its own unique appeal, but the capital of Vienna is in a league of its own. Here are our recommendations for activities and amenities to avail of in Vienna for each and every age group. 

 Toddlers and children under four  

 Zoom Children’s Museum has exhibitions, activities and zones catering for a much wider age group but makes for a particularly exciting spot for very young children, as many of its facilities allow them to stimulate their motor skill. It also features Middle Ages exhibits and the option of creating animated films for slightly older kids.  

Minopolis is a kid-size indoor town which teaches young kids about various professions. Kids can try their hand at ‘working’ in various fields such as hospitals, restaurants supermarkets and more. They’re even paid for their work in Minopolis’ currency Eurolinos. 

  Aged four to eight 

 House of Music is an interactive discovery centre based on music of every form. As Austria is the birth place of the one and only Mozart, it’s only right to give this attraction a visit. Concert halls, interactive screenings, entertaining education on how sound is generated and even an opportunity to make their own CD awaits your kids here.  

Bogi Park This indoor playground is popular among visitors and natives alike. Featuring go karts, trampolines, inflatable climbing frames and slides and other fun activities, this is an ideal location to spend an afternoon in with young kids.  

The Children’s Museum next to Schönbrunn Palace is an ideal way of teaching kids about regal life and the royalty of yesteryear, as kids will have the opportunity to dress up as Kings, queens and other royal figures in the museum and learn about how they lived. In the Palace, kids can see the quarters in which these figures would have lived and stroll around the vast gardens. 

 Aged eight to 12  

 Vienna Prater is the world’s oldest amusement parks and actually holds appeal for every age group. It origins back to 1162 AD and features tons of exciting rides including the 117 meter tall swing and the giant Ferris Wheel. Both offer stunning views of the park and of Vienna.  

Vienna Zoo Come and visit some of Vienna’s most exotic species such as elephants, giraffe and monkeys to name but a few. Attend informative talks and feeding sessions for the animals and take a tour around the entire zoo park aboard the quaint Panorama Train. 

Time Travel Vienna is an interactive and exciting tour through the city’s history. Featuring 5D cinematic experiences, the plague pit, air raid bunkers and carriage rides, this tour is like no other and is sure to be thrilling and exciting for your little ones as well as educational.  

 Aged 12 to 15 

Kahlenberg Forest Rope Park is sure to make for an active and enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment. Climb, hand and swing among the ropes of the park’s 15 courses, each ranging in difficulty. On weekends, you can even tackle the adventure in the darkness.  

Museum of Illusions is sure to make you question your senses through its mind-boggling exhibitions. Let The Oblique Room shake your knowledge of gravity and questions your senses in the Vortex Tunnel. There is something here for visitors of every age to enjoy. 

The Spanish Riding School is another attraction which is actually ideal for every age group. Located at the Imperial Palace, it is a staple of Vienna’s culture and history. You can attend one of their majestic and unforgettable equestrian ballet performances. During the summer months, there are specifically catered children’s shows too, so have a look into those as well.  

 Aged 15 plus 

Riding a boat on the Old Danube is an absolute must-do in Vienna. There are so many different options available, some including tours and some which allow you to have dinner and drinks afloat the old river, so there should be an option to suit every family’s needs. 

The Badeschiff swimming pool is a great way of cooling down underneath Vienna scorching sunshine in the hotter months. This outdoor swimming pool hangs over the Old Danube, and food and drinks are served out on the deck making it a great evening out. Vienna has other open-air swimming pools to enjoy too, so do a bit of research to find your ideal one. 

Attending a musical at Vienna’Marionetten Theater is ideal for delving into the worlds of fantasy, drama and art during your stay. Mozart’s famous opera The Magic Flute plays regularly, as well as other shows and some child-friendly performances, making this an ideal evening activity for you family. 

 Top tip Take these age recommendations with a pinch of salt, as many of these activities will have an appeal for both the young and the young at heart. Other activities such as sight-seeing and guided tours will hold appeal for every visitor to Vienna as well. 

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