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Long-haul holidays on a budget

Long-haul holidays on a budget

Hoping to bring the kids on an exotic abroad adventure without breaking the bank? Here are our top tips for pulling off an exotic long-haul trip without breaking the bank.  

 Choose the right location 

Some countries and cities have a cheaper cost of living, or are cheaper to get to in terms of flights. Bali, Cape Town and Japan have gained status in being affordable long-haul destinations. Cape Town has become renowned for boasting some cheap resorts as well as many free amenities and activities to keep you occupied, while Tokyo in Japan is cheap for eating out and other common tourist items. 

Be flight smart 

There are several ways of reducing your flight costs for your trip. Using websites like Skyscanner ensures you find the cheapest return flights for your destination, as it searches all available options across hundreds and thousands of sites and providers. You should also consider the prospect of booking indirect flights and lay-overs as this can reduce costs significantly too. Avoid adding any unnecessary flight extras like priority boarding if on a budget. Travel agents such as Sunway Travel can also get you the best deals on the market.  

 Accommodation comparison 

Avail of accommodation comparison websites, such as Trivago and, to source the cheapest options in your chosen location, but don’t book directly from these websites. A lot of the time, hotels and resorts will want their website to have the cheapest offer to encourage customers to book directly from them. So once you source the ideal and cheapest accommodation option, go to the venue’s own website to see if there’s a discounted rate. Don’t be afraid to contact the venue directly to negotiate and bargain a better deal too. 

 Avoid peak times 

Avoid travelling at peak times, usually the summer months, to keep overall costs down.  March to May or September and October, is great for travelling at a cheaper time but still retaining some summer perks such as good climate and tourist attractions. For ultimate money saving, travel during low season, the winter months, for cheaper accommodation and flights.  

 Sight-seeing and travel passes 

Often, prime tourist areas or cities will have special passes available which can provide a cheaper total than paying each individual gate price for every attractions, tourist site or museum you wish to visit. Similarly, you can get day or week travel passes in many built up areas which are cheaper than paying for each transport fare separately, so it’s worth doing your research to see what options are available in your chosen location. 

 Top tip If travelling to certain countries outside of Europe, tourists and visitors are entitled to tax-free or duty-free shopping.  You can claim tax back by retaining receipts and presenting them in the airport. For more information see 

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