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Planning for a ski holiday with kids

Planning for a ski holiday with kids

Ski holidays are a unique and exciting experience no matter what your age, but it can be a daunting prospect for a family getaway. If you have never gone on a ski holiday with your little ones before, here are our tips for ensuring all runs smoothly. 



Skiing is a physically testing activity and is easiest attempted with a good foundation of fitness and general health. In the months and weeks leading up to your trip, try get your family to be as active as possible. Playing sports and being generally active will help build a good fitness foundation which will serve them well when it comes to hitting the slopes. 


Get the gear 

You shouldn’t try to skip and save on ski equipment. Rent high quality equipment that is tested and proven to be beneficial. Don’t hesitate on splurging on some more high quality clothing for this trip. You want to do everything you can to ensure your kids are well insulated on this trip, so layering up on high quality snow-wear should be a priority. 


Packing priorities 

It may be wise to splurge on packing space for a ski trip as everyone will need to layer up as much as possible for the duration of the trip. Ensure additions such as hats, scarves, balaclavas mittens, body warmers and appropriate footwear are also in good supply. Unexpected necessities can also include sunglasses and SPF depending on your location, as you may be very high up in the mountains. 


Choose a family friendly ski resort  

Do your research when it comes to choosing a ski resort that suits your family and your children’s age groups. If your kids have never been skiing before, ensure there are alternative activities on offer in case any of them don’t take to the slopes. Child-catered lessons and slopes are also a common benefit of opting for a resort aimed at families. 


Organise ski lessons for your kids 

Unless you happen to be a qualified skiing instructor, you should never try to teach your children how to ski yourself. Some resorts will offer ski lessons to children as young as 3 years old, so avail of this and pre-book some lessons with a licensed professional to ensure your kids get the best instruction possible before daring the slopes. 


Top tip 

Throughout the holiday, you should listen to your kids and take their feelings on board. If they’re becoming tired, impatient or cold after a few hours on the slopes, don’t force them to go on any longer. In addition, you should ensure you have informed your insurance company that your embarking on a ski holiday to ensure you are covered for any incidents and injuries that can occur on the slopes.

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