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Travel Packing Tips

Travel Packing Tips

Travelling can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Read these travel packing tips before your next holiday, and you’ll have your bags packed, tickets in hand, and arrive at your destination ready to explore the world!

TIP 1: Remember your essentials Whether traveling for business or pleasure, don’t forget your essentials. Everyone will have their very own essential travel list. Our advice would be to create a master list, save it on your phone, and then each time you go abroad you can draw from it. We would even go as far as saying have one for a staycation and one for a holiday abroad. As the kids grow, this list will invariably change. If you no longer have a baby in nappies or bottles, your packing list will be significantly shorter than before. If your kids are teenagers, they may have their very own essential packing list. 

TIP 2: Organise by outfit and day Organise your bag into sections by outfit and day. In each section, place everything you’ll need for that day, including accessories. These sections will make it easier to find things in your suitcase when it comes time to pack up again. Also, don’t forget about layering – don’t bring all of your shirts at once! Packing cubes are also a super handy resource for packing outfits by day. You can bring 7 cubes for the kids. Throw in their day 1 clothes in one, day 2 in the second, etc. They are ideal for small kid’s clothes. It gets a little trickier when it comes to adult-sized clothes.

 TIP 3: Include some extras Though it’s not a bad idea to travel without bringing any toiletries, having a few extras is essential for emergencies. Throw in those extra pairs of contact lenses and that bottle of mouthwash you always seem to need. Include an over-the-counter pain reliever (or two). And don’t forget some ibuprofen or aspirin. For the kids make sure to have their usual pain meds, thermometer, plasters, spare clothes, and any medication they are on.

TIP 4: Check-in luggage When flying internationally on certain airlines, you can save money by checking in luggage. Keep your passport and ID handy when going through security so you can quickly check in without having to pay an extra fee. Also, ensure that your bag meets the airline’s dimensions and weight limits so there won’t be any extra charges at check-in. These additional fees could turn a bargain flight into an expensive one!

TIP 5: Use proper packing material To avoid unnecessary creases in your shirts, use a laundry bag to pack all of your shirts. Also, make sure you don’t stack anything up on clothes and shoes. Use packing material like clothing bags or bubble wrap to avoid shifting around while in transit. Your hard work will pay off when you open your suitcase later on without those pesky creases!

TIP 6: Wear the heaviest items You should wear shoes and boots on the flight. Similarly, wear heavier coats or jackets on top of other layers of clothing rather than bundling them up at the bottom of your luggage. Some people have been known to put their light raincoat on under their heavy coats for the plane (and store them in the overhead locker).

 TIP 7: Laundry is unavoidable After unpacking your clothes when you arrive, we advise you to use one or two empty suitcases for the remainder of the stay as your laundry cases. That way when you arrive home, you can wheel the suitcase (s) to the machine and the rest of the cases with the clean clothes can be put back neatly. It saves so much time.

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