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Travel Sickness emergency kit

Travel Sickness emergency kit

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There is no faster way to put a dampener on the holiday experience than travel sickness. Ensure funny tummies and sore heads are kept at bay with these tips for preventing travel sickness.


It’s essentially motion sickness. It occurs when the movement you are taking in visually contradicts the movement your body is actually feeling. This can occur no matter what kind of transport you’re taking.


There are a lot of things that can help with motion sickness
in terms of realigning your senses and reducing sensory
input. There are also medical and herbal items you can get in advance if your are particularly concerned about a family member’s reactions. Talk to a pharmacist, doctor or health-store specialist regarding your options.


Watch your food consumption before your travels – make sure not to over-indulge and not to eat foods that might not agree with you before you hit the road. Have light snacks packed to settle your stomach throughout the trip?

If travelling by train or public transport, do not sit backwards from the direction your heading in. Sitting facing the wrong way contributes to motion sickness, so it is better to face the direction you are moving in.

Do not read or look at screens. Reading or watching something on a screen while travelling can cause a feeling of sickness or make you feel uneasy. It’s better to put your phone or book away and try to take a nap or look out the window at your surroundings.

Fresh air helps prevents illness on long journeys, so try sitting near some sort of a vent or window that can give you access to fresh air. This will help with nausea and sweating.

Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water or continually sipping water can really help with nausea and prevent sickness, so ensure you have lots of fluids packed for the journey.

Sucking on sweets can help with nausea when travelling, and they can also help stop your ears from popping when flying. Often, the best way of handling travel sickness is by keeping your mind off of it. Listening to music or talking to one another is a good way of distracting kids from the journey and from illness.

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