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The Rascals Are Ready This Summer in Efteling

The Rascals Are Ready This Summer in Efteling

Efteling Theme Park is set to welcome a new family roller coaster this summer. Although Irish visitors are still waiting to be allowed to visit we are excited to visit this new attraction when we can.  

The fairly tale theme park in the south of Holland plan to open the new Max & Moritz ride to the public from Saturday 20 June 2020. This will be the perfect addition for both young and old in Efteling Theme Park. 

The exciting addition to the park is based on a well-known 1865 German story by Wilhem Busch about two naughty brothers named Max and Moritz, who drive the inhabitants of their village to despair with their boyish tricks. Something that your own little rascals could relate to. The brothers will soon race their trains in opposite directions through Alpine landscape with green spruces, mountain roses and babbling brook in Holland’s biggest theme park. 

Construction of Max & Moritz began in September 2019 and a lot of work has been done to have the family roller coaster ready for families with young children this summer (minimum height 1 metre). Since then, in recent weeks, the final test rides were carried out, where the finishing touches were made. This includes the ride’s theming and the approval from the Dutch independent testing and safety regulator. General Manager and CEO of Efteling Fons Jurgens says: “We are very proud of the end result that has been achieved with the entire team in such a short time”. 

“We are very curious about the first reactions of our guests,” Jurgens continued, “Max & Moritz is perfect for the whole family”. 

Efteling is located in Kaatsheuvel, about an hour away from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The theme park is renowned for its fairy tale fantasy theme and is the largest in the Netherlands. 

For more information on Efteling, visit or read some of our previous articles where we have covered everything there is to know about the theme park on the Getaways with Kids website. Our publisher, April Drew, has visited Efteling twice and you can see her journey on her highlights on her profile page- Getaways with Kids.  

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