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Top 10 Movies to Watch with Kids on Holidays

Top 10 Movies to Watch with Kids on Holidays

On holidays it can rain sometimes or your kids might need a break from the sun so you need indoor entertainment. Looking for a flick everyone in the family likes is a tough task. With endless lists of recently released movies, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice as well. Today we are making a must-see list of movies to watch with your kiddos on holidays. Oh, and, make sure to download your picks before hitting the road. 

  1. The Elf on the Shelf (4+) 

This mini-movie is the youngest ones’ absolute favorite! It reminds us all Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and brings in some extra season vibes with cheerful music. 

  1. The Greatest Showman (10+) 

Released back in 2017, The Greatest Showman is an ideal choice for families who like the circus. With a bunch of video and sound effects, you and the kids would get easily drawn into the magic journey of P.T. Barnum. 

  1. Coco (7+) 

Coco is a type of movie that leaves no one indifferent. It tells the story about a 12-year old boy who dives deep into family roots but meets the world of death. Even though it’s a bit spooky, kids love this blockbuster that also features a lot of melodic jingles and brings on the family vibes. 

  1. The Little Prince (9+) 

Parents, if you would like to show your kiddos how much childhood matters, this is the one. The Little Prince tells a tale about a little girl living through painful years who finds light in the darkness and keeps on following it. The moral of the story is to grow up, but keep that child somewhere within, for the days when challenges arise. 

  1. Klaus (6+) 

Klaus is proof that the joy of Christmas can melt even the iciest hearts. Smeerensburg seems like the worst place on the planet, but wait until the miracle happens. This movie teaches kids to look for something good in everyone, as – the good always finds its way. 

  1. Frozen (5+) 

Great for winter holidays, Frozen is all about family, sisterhood, and living up to one’s dreams. Followed by singable songs, Frozen truly melts hearts. 

  1. Tangled (5+) 

A little girl’s dream to be found by a prince charming. Watch our heroine through her self-discovery journey that will lead her right to the love of her life – all this followed by magical sound effects and awesome graphics. 

  1. Wadjda (8+) 

Beautifully done, Wadjda is a movie that teaches our little one about other cultures, their religions, and laws. It puts female empowerment to the forefront, encouraging girls to find their place under the sun.  

  1. Trolls (6+) 

Follow an endlessly cute troll duo (Anna Kendric and Justin Timberlake) as they are rescuing their friends to the sounds of modern pop-rock music while on a summer holiday with your little ones.  

  1. Spies in Disguise (8+) 

Spies in Disguise is an animated comedy about a geeky scientist and a debonair spy who turns into a pigeon. Both kids and adults find it entertaining as the video is high-quality, sound effects are on point, and the story itself is pretty unique.  

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