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Four reasons to bring your kids to Adare Manor

Four reasons to bring your kids to Adare Manor

To celebrate my coming of age (40) last December, Me (April Drew) and my family spent a night of luxury in the 2018 world’s number one hotel, Adare Manor (Limerick). 

Colum (8), Sadie (7) and Arden (3) loved every minute of the experience (as did mommy and daddy) and they haven’t stopped talking about it since. Here are our top four reasons why we loved having the kids with us.  

  1. The Cinema. 

Adare Manor has a luxury cinema room playing old and new movies twice a day. My kids thought all their dreams had come through. As they sat in a comfy leather recliner seat a lovely young girl came to take their order. She returned with sodas, chocolate and jelly beans. While this was being delivered the popcorn machine at the back of the room was working its magic and moments later they were out of their seats helping themselves to as much popcorn as they wished. We were also the only family in the cinema (thank god). There was no charge for any of this. It was an experience like no other and by far the best cinema experience we’ve ever had. The movie was UP. They tend to play kids classics during the day and newer movies at nighttime for the adults. 

  1. The bedroom 

We booked a deluxe twin room (at the time it was €380) so we had plenty of space. The room, foyer and bathroom were massive and they (or we) had never seen anything like it. They claimed their bed immediately (we had a cot for the 2 year old). There was little treats when we arrived, free movies on the tele and complimentary drinks in the minibar. When I asked my daughter recently what she wanted to do for her next birthday she said have a sleep over with her friends ….. in Adare Manor! The room was so big they even managed to play a game of hide and seek, successfully. 

  1. The buffet breakfast

Oh man, we all love staying at hotels and coming down the next morning for a scrumptious breakfast. Who doesn’t, but the spread available to us in Adare Manor that morning was magical, scrumptious and just overall delicious. The staff got to know the lads by name, any request (can I have more orange juice, can I have toast please etc) was met with no problem. They ate more cakes that morning than they have done the entire year before; we were celebrating remember! It was a breakfast for kings and they loved every single crumb of it. 

  1. The hotel itself 

When you stay at a luxurious hotel like Adare Manor exploring is an absolute MUST. After we checked our bags into our room, we took a tour of the whole hotel and the grounds outside. We spent the best part of the afternoon enjoying the little nooks and crannies of the hotel, taking pictures at the Christmas Tree and losing the children on the grounds. They have a little fairy garden down at the back so lots of fun was had on our adventures. 

So would we return with the kids again, absolutely but our next trip will be alone. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in December so the plan is to go back (just the two of us) and experience the adult version of Adare Manor. 

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