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Packing for a theme park holiday

Packing for a theme park holiday

Packing for a theme park holiday 

From tots to teens, there is something for everyone to enjoy in a theme park holiday. It can be hard to know what exactly to pack for a holiday set in a theme park, but we’ve broken down some of the essentials to add to your packing list. 

Water proof  

If there are going to be on water rides or even swimming pools, packing enough swimming gear is very important so your little ones don’t miss out on the fun. Towels and all the essential wet gear are very important to pack, and zip lock bags are handy to store wet gear in when you still have a day of walking around ahead of you. It’s always a good idea to pack spare clothes as they may get wet on some of the rides.  

Weather warning  

Amusement parks are almost always outdoors so it’s important to pack for any weather conditions. Sun cream, sunglasses and sun hats are essentials for hotter climates, while layering up with jumpers and jackets should be considered for colder trips. Pack sun caps and jackets in case it gets a little bit cooler. Light rain coats and ponchos are great for reducing bulk as well as umbrellas. Ensure everyone has comfortable walking shoes as you’ll all be on your feet for a massive part of the trip. 


Although there will be many places to stop to grab a bite to eat, these can be quite expensive or busy. It is always good to bring some snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up between meals. This is particularly important if any of your kids have specific dietary requirements. Ensure that everyone is staying hydrated throughout the day too. If the theme park you’re going to has drinking fountains, it is a good idea to bring reusable bottles for everyone to top up throughout the day. 

Final additions 

As kids will be running around all day, accidents can happen. Pack a small first aid kit just in case of any minor injuries. Bring bum bags or fanny packs instead of backpacks so kids aren’t running around with a heavy weight on their backs. Toiletries such as wet wipes and towels may come in handy, as well as after-sun lotion in hotter climates. If your child has any specific conditions or issues, it may be wise to consult theme park staff on the matter for some extra safety tips.  

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