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Travelling with babies

Travelling with babies

Preparing for a family holiday with your baby? Travelling with an infant can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time doing so. Don’t stress about it though; we’ve put together some of our best tips for a successful holiday with your little one.  

Do your research  

When choosing a destination for a holiday with a baby, it’s best to do some research before making any commitments. While a location may seem very attractive on the outset, you could find when you get there that it is not suitable for an infant. Might be a good idea to read reviews. Look into activities and amenities in the area and accommodation options, as well as factors like climate and childcare options. 

Make some calls 

When you’ve chosen your resort or accommodation, contact them directly to figure out what they provide and what they don’t. Highchairs and cots are usually a given at hotels, but items like buggies and nappies tend to be the parents’ responsibility. You can then make a list of what essentials you need to organise yourself for the trip. 

Packing priorities 

When packing for your baby’s trip, reference the list of essentials you made earlier. As well as those items, everything you would pack for a day out with your infant needs to be multiplied and packed too. Nappies, formula, food and changing products all need to be taken care of, with enough packed to last until you arrive at your destination at the very least. Ensure you’re packing clothing suited for the climate you’re travelling to.  Any leisure items like toys or rattles should be packed too for relaxation purposes throughout your travels. 

On flight extras 

If hanging around in queues with your tiny tot is a cause for concern, consider adding some time-saving extras to your flights. Additions such as security fast-check and priority boarding can ensure you can get through airport protocols quickly and easily, allowing more time to focus on preparing your baby and your family for the plane journey.  

Travel terrors 

Dress babies in layers and pack blankets in your carry-on bag to help care for ease during fluctuating cabin temperatures. Those comfort items and toys mentioned above will prove to be a good distraction during any unusual sensations such as take-off or turbulence. Ear muffs or plugs are great for easing babies’ ears popping. Ultimately, do all you can to make your child comfortable enough to sleep for the duration of the journey.  

Medical essentials 

While we’re sure you won’t need it, it’s always a secure precaution to have contact numbers for doctors, paediatricians, out-of-hours surgeries and your local hospital in your chosen destination in case of emergencies. Ensure any medication or all-purpose meds your child may require are packed too.  

Top tip Consult any friends or family members who have travelled with a baby in the past, and gather their advice, as well as any pieces of information they wish they had known prior going. If you’ve any qualms or concerns about how travelling may affect your child, consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.  

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