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The dos and don’ts of packing

The dos and don’ts of packing


Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will take up less space and will minimize wrinkles when unpacking at your destination.  

Pack double the amount of underwear you think your kids will need. Even if you think one pair a day will be enough, always expect the unexpected.   

If possible, try have some spare space in your suitcase when departing to ensure you have enough space left to bring back any gifts or other items you may have bought while away.   

Encourage kids to pack their entertainment and leisure items, such as toys, iPads and comfort items in their own small carry on backpacks rather than in the suitcases with their essentials. This will make them easy to locate and ensure that they can be accessed quickly and easily.  

Make a list of everything you’ve brought with you and cross reference that list when re-packing at the end of your trip to ensure that you don’t forget everything. 


Don’t pack items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash or toothpaste that can easily be found at any supermarket or shop once you arrive at your destination. This will free up a lot of space and weight in your bag.   

Try to avoid bringing too many items which will have to be added the morning of your trip. For example, buy cheap toothbrushes specifically for travelling instead of bringing your everyday ones so that you aren’t unpacking everyone’s case the morning you leave to add them in. This will save time and reduce stress.  

Avoid bringing items that may be provided at your accommodation or rented such as equipment for babies, hairdryers, etc.  

 If you’re tight for space, try not to feel like everyone needs a new outfit for every day of your stay. Don’t be afraid to wear something twice, and get in contact with your accommodation again and find out if they have washing facilities on site. This means only having to pack half as much for every member of the family.   

Avoid bringing more shoes than required. Shoes are possibly the bulkiest and hardest to pack items when filling your suitcase (especially for winter holidays). Choose two pairs of versatile, practical and neutral coloured shoes for each traveller to bring with them. 

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