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Keeping kids entertained on road-trips

Keeping kids entertained on road-trips

Sitting in a car for a long time can get very boring for the best of us, so it’s understandable that your little ones may find it difficult. Here are a number of ways you can avoid tantrums on your next long car journey. 

Pit Stops 

Nobody wants to be pulling over more than they need to throughout a car journey.  Make sure everyone goes to the loo before getting into the car. Plan your journey ahead and pick petrol stations or restaurants to stop at so you can plan the toilet breaks. This may not always go according to plan but it is a good to have a general idea so you can communicate the itinerary to your kids. 


When travelling anywhere with kids it is always a good idea to carry snacks with you. To ensure hungry tummies are kept at bay, have a few snacks and drinks on hand to give to your kids at regular intervals. This will keep them quiet and content between stops.  


Long drives can be very tiring, and sometimes travelling can be easier if your child can nap during it. Although nowadays car seats are relatively comfy, it’s a good idea to bring a blanket from home and even a night mask or ear plugs to help your kids nap on the journey. Any comfort items they usually need nearby to sleep such as teddies or pillows should also be brought along too. 


Music is a great ease on long journeys. If your children have their own devices, equip everyone with a pair of earphones and download some music or playlists to keep the entertained. Alternatively, have a fun CD or playlist in the car so that everyone can listen to some of their favorite songs on the journey together. Afterall, everyone loves a good sing-song.  

Car games   

When all else fails, it’s sometimes best to resort to old-fashioned techniques. One of our favorite ways of keeping kids happy throughout a car journey is by playing classic car games like I-spy or 20 questions. These are a great way to get everyone involved and add a little fun to the journey. 

Videos and game consoles 

These may be a last resort but one way to keep the kids occupied on a long journey is to allow them to watch some movies or downloaded videos on an iPad or tablet. Handheld game consoles can also be great, as well as downloading game apps onto your devices. This will certainly keep them quiet and even distracted until you arrive, though be weary of anyone who may get travel sick if they’re watching videos for too long. 

Fun stops 

When preparing for a long car journey it’s always a good idea to look into fun places or landmarks to stop along the way. This will serve well at breaking up the journey for everyone and keeping it exciting. This will also give you a break from driving and allow everyone to stretch their legs, and you also get to see new and exciting locations around the country.  

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