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Catering for every age group

Catering for every age group

From tots to teens, there are some family holidays that are a hit with kids of every age. If you have a wide range of critics to please with your next family holiday suggestion, we’ve compiled a few golden favourites which are usually popular among visitors both old and young. 

Theme parks 

theme park holiday is always a safe bet as variety is guaranteedWhile we are aware that there is a chance that there may be some non-Disney fanatics out there, one can usually assume that both the young and young at heart can find enjoyment in the wonders and excitement of Disneyland. Other theme park chains as well as independent options should be considered too. Featuring tamer attractions and familiar characters for little ones, more advanced and daring rides for older children, and shops and bars for adults, theme park is great at catering for every age group.  

City breaks 

The best aspect of a city break is the sheer amount of variety on offer to you, and this is great for ensuring kids of all age will find something to occupy and entertain them. Between theatre shows, city zoos, nature parks, museums, tourist attractions and all of the sites and activities which are unique to each individual city, there is no shortage of activities to suit every family’s individual itinerary. Being in a city also means plenty of dining options to guarantee everyone’s dietary requirements are met, as well as ample nightlife options in case the adults get a bit of time to themselves throughout the stay 


While cruises can vary in providers, routes and on-board amenities, one common factor they all share is a range of entertainment and activities to suit each and every guest. Cruise lines usually have a host of areas on board to suit different age groups including kids’ zones, water park or pool sections, restaurants, bars, cinema rooms and night-time entertainment. In addition to that, if booking a cruise that stops off in various locations, you will have all the amenities which each country or city has on offer to avail of too. Do your research into various cruise lines and what they have to offer to ensure a holiday which won’t disappoint anyone. 

All-inclusive resorts 

Booking an all-inclusive holiday means the prices of your stay, dining and drinks are all paid for in advance of your holiday, as well as various other additions depending on where you stay. Having no bills or costs for these items once on your trip means all spending money can go towards additional activities and entertainment while abroad. You can put your time and financial focus towards picking activities, events, tours and trips which suit each individual family member. This is ideal for ensuring everyone has an itinerary which suits their ideal getaway and that everyone can enjoy themselves no matter how old or young they are.  

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