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Mothers’ Day celebrations for every budget

Mothers’ Day celebrations for every budget

It is the one day of the year where mothers are awarded overdue appreciation for everything they do, and you have every right to celebrate in style! Treat yourself for being a top class mammy with some of these easy and accessible activities and locations.

 With the kids

 Visit a local park

Take a day trip to a nearby park, woodland or nature area to spend some quality time with your little ones among nature. If weather permits, pack a picnic and find a nice area for an outdoor lunch. Choosing a park with a playground will also add to the entertainment for children. Even if March 31st turns out to be a rainy day, a family stroll among some scenery and fresh air is still a great way to celebrate the holiday while spending quality time with your kids.

Go to see a show

See if your local theatre is hosting any family friendly plays or musical. A child-catered performance will make for an entertaining activity for your little ones, but it could also be a unique and different weekend activity for your family. Top it off with a lunch or dinner out will ensure a Mothers’ Day well spent.

Cross-county trip

Taking a day-trip, or overnight stay if budgets permit, to a nearby county can make for a new and exciting trip. You can see new sites, parks, attractions and events in an area which will be unfamiliar and exciting to your kids. This will also be a treat for teens and grown-ups as everyone loves visiting a new location. Have a look into things to see and do in your bordering counties, or further afield if you wish, and plan a family trip to mark the occasion.

Without the kids

 Spa breaks

The ideal way to award yourself for all the hard work you do is a relaxing and pampering spa  break. If budgets permit, don’t hesitate to book yourself a spa treatment or a night away. You can team up with your mom pals for a group Mothers’ Day celebration or opt for a couple’s spa session if that’s more your thing. Selected spas also offer targeted treatments for pregnant women or any post-pregnancy ailments you may be dealing with, so be sure to look into this too if it’s relevant to you.

Wine and dine

There’s no shame in wanting to treat yourself to some fine dining this Mothers’ Day. This can take many forms, such as a lunch with friends or a family member or booking a table in your favourite restaurant for an evening meal. Enjoying  good food, good wine and some good company is always a recipe for success. This is also one of those special occasions where ordering a dessert should be considered an essential!

TV takeover

Take over the couch and TV remote this Mothers’ Day and dare to give yourself authority of what programs are watched for the day. We know that, as a mom, sometimes your idea of a dream evening can simply be binge watching your recorded shows or movies without any interruptions. Add in a delivery of your favourite take-away for ultimate enjoyment!


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