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Catering for fussy eaters abroad 

Catering for fussy eaters abroad 

By Ann Cronin 


If you’re the parent to a picky eater, you’re probably all too aware of how difficult it is to feed your little ones whilst on holiday. Whether it’s for allergy reasons or specific preferences, many children are faced with the obstacle of navigating diet choices while away from home. Don’t fear though, as we’ve put together some top tips for catering for kids who are somewhat fussy with food during your family holiday. 


Do your research  

Look into the restaurants and dining facilities in the area in which you’re visiting. In terms of day-outs and activities you have planned, google the on-site catering options to see if they cater for your child’s needs and if they don’t, look into locations nearby. The easiest way of avoiding stress once there is to have a plan and idea in place as to where you and your family can go for food in which everyone’s diet can be catered for. 


Accommodation choices 

Sometimes the easiest way of avoiding dining hassle is to simply prepare your own meals. Opting for accommodation such as a family apartment or Air B&B with a kitchen means you can do your own shopping and prepare your own meals throughout your stay.  If you’re feeling particularly worried about the lack of suitable dietary options available for your child, or think the usual hotel and resort menus won’t be able to cater for their needs, it may be easiest to opt for private accommodation in which everyone’s meals can be personally prepared. 


Snack stash 

Ensure that you have plenty of snacks and drinks on-hand during every trip and excursion. The easiest way of keeping hungry tummies away and ensuring no one burns out while trying to find a suitable dining option is to have regular healthy and high-energy edibles on your person throughout the day.  


Ask for help 

If you have opted to stay in a hotel or resort for your stay abroad, talk to the staff about your child’s diet requirements. Explain any allergies or requirements they have, or outline the foods they eat to get advice on what options they have that would suit. Usually your accommodation will be happy to try best accommodate the needs of you and your children so have no hesitation in asking for advice and support during your stay. Before each meal, feel free to ask for allergy information and details so all your family members can make informed decisions before dining.  


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