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New York, New York

New York, New York
While it may seem daunting to think of bringing your children to the Big
Apple, think about the experience through their eyes. The bright lights,
wailing sirens, towering buildings, and sheer variety of things to see and
do will make a lasting impression on your kids. We’ve put together some of our favourite activities for you and your kids to enjoy throughout your stay in the city that never sleeps.
Go to a Broadway show
When it comes to entertainment, nothing beats the extravagance of a Broadway musical. Disney run a number of its live classics throughout
the year, including The Lion King and Aladdin, while other beloved options such as Wicked and Mamma Mia also run regularly. The theatre productions in New York’s Broadway scene are world famous and a must see for every traveler’s bucket list. While tickets can be expensive, it’s well worth budgeting for as it is sure to entertain your kids just as much as you.
Ticket costs vary depending on age, show and time-slot. See full ticket prices on
Take a bus tour
Numerous bus tours operate daily in New York and are a great way to figure out where you are and where you want to go. The city has so much to offer that things can get overwhelming. Taking a spin around all the main landmarks will re-focus your trip, give you general insight and education regarding some of the city’s most renown landmarks and show you what it is you really want to see more of.
Numerous bus tours operate around New York City for which information can be found online, such as or
See world-famous sites
It would be a great loss to visit New York without seeing some of its most
famous landmarks. Take in an unbeatable view of New York from the top of the Empire State Building is a once in a lifetime experience for any visitor,
while strolling through Times’ Square will make you feel as though you’ve
stepped out of real-life and into a movie. The Statue of Liberty and its
nearby boat rides will also make for an unforgettable experience for adults and children alike.
Fast pass tickets for the Empire State building vary in cost
depending on age and packages. Info and tickets can be found on
Try ice-skating
If travelling outside of peak time, we highly recommend trying your
hand at ice-skating in the Rockefeller Centre which is open from October through to April. Skip-the-queue passes can be bought online so you can skate past any waiting lines, especially during the crowded festive season. Skates can be rented and no other equipment is required. As the rink can get quite busy, we recommend going early in the day to avoid disappointment.
Adult tickets range from $25 to $33 depending on the time of year, while children under the age of 11 is $15. Group rates and discounts can apply. Price of skate rental is $12.50. For more information and tickets, visit
The great outdoors
There are plenty of outdoor entertainment locations available around the big city. The famous green of Central Park is chocked full of activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Playgrounds, walking trails, ponds, monuments, street performers and so much more are on site to entertain you. If you find yourself with a free afternoon, why not make the trip to one of the boroughs to visit the 4000 animals that call the Bronx Zoo home. Delight yourself and your kids with the variety of enclosures there and see lions, penguins, zebras and gorillas to name but a few.
While Central Park has free admission, various events, concerts and activities ongoing in the park may have an extra charge. For Bronx Zoo, online adult tickets start from $36.95 while children aged three
to 12 is $26.95.For more info and tickets
Visit the museums
If there is one thing New York is in generous supply of, its captivating
and family-friendly museums. The National History Museum is an absolute must as it has been intriguing and captivating families for years now. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is great for keeping kids entertained through its educational exhibits, classes and workshops. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, bordering Central Park, as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan are both great for creatives to indulge in.
For the National History Museum, adult fee is $23 while children’s is $13. Student fee is $18. See for more information.
For the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, adult and children entry fee is $14. See for more information.
For the Museum of Modern Art, adults fee is $24 and children enter for FREE. Student fee is $14. See for more information.
For the Metroplitan Museum of Art, adult fee is $25 and children enter for FREE. Student fee is $12. See for more information.
The Official New York Pass is a pass you ca pay for that gives you entry
to over a hundred of New York’s iconic tourist spots without the hassle of
getting tickets for each attraction. In addition, it will mean huge savings
for you and your family compared to the paying gate prices for each attraction. For more information and rates, see

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