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The ultimate carry-on packing list

The ultimate carry-on packing list

By Laura Kiely 

Your carry-on case not only serves as extra space for all of your holiday essentials, but also to store all the items you and your kids may need during your flight. Unless your little ones are travel angels who sleep for the entire duration of flight, their carry-on suitcase is going to be their number one source of entertainment for this plane journey. Here’s a breakdown of some must-have items for your family’s carry-on bags 


A phone or tablet with their favourite movies, TV shows, videos and music downloaded onto it is always brilliant for hours of entertainment. With the Netflix’s download feature this is easier than ever. We also recommend buying kids headphones/earphones so their videos aren’t played aloud and disturbing other passengersIn addition, game consoles can be a great source of entertainment too. Ensure that all required chargers are packed as well. 

Classic entertainment option 

 If kids get bored of their screens and are itching for something else to do, a box of crayons and some black pages or colouring books are a great option that is especially good for younger children. Puzzles or games which they can play together are always good too, as well as small new toys. 

Travel attire 

Make sure to pack a spare change of clothes for longer flights in case of accidents or just to freshen up. Also pack extra layers for all the changes in temperature that may happen during the flight.  

Hungry tummies 

Your kids’ favourite snacks are always a must have for flying. It is risky to rely on the food and beverages that the plane will provide just in case your child is a picky eater or gets hungry before any food is available. It may be a good idea also to bring treats in your own carry-on too as they can be used as a reward for good behaviour during the journey. Sucking on sweets will also help kids ease ear popping during the journey. 

Comfort items 

If your child has a comfort item like a blanket or teddy let that be the one thing you don’t forget to avoid any tantrums. Home comforts are great for helping little ones drift off to sleep during long journeys too. 

Tiny tots 

When travelling with toddlers and babies you can never pack enough nappies or pull-ups packed. These should always be in your carry-on case as they will be needed at all stages of your journey, as well as baby wipes and powders.  

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